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Shoshanna (aka Susan)

Shoshanna (aka Susan)

Shoshanna whose name is Hebrew for Susan came to us underweight and with a shaved coat. We have attached photos of her transformation. She is a sassy senior girl who we believe may have had a fake birth date as she does behave like a puppy at times. Arriving with her turtle from her fantastic foster Mum Luba, she now growls and is downright pushy in our bed. It’s marvelous how such a small dog takes up sooo much room. Our neighborhood has lots of dogs (Mission/Bernal) and we are constantly told by passersby how pretty she is. As her proud Mums we have to agree!

She seems very happy, and loves to sleep in her various beds, yes, she has more than one wrapped in a blankie.

Shoshanna loves meeting people and is quite friendly in meeting other dogs.

Her coat has become beautiful and before we take her to our groomer, she is quite floofy and gorgeous.

Her intelligence is high, and she has us both wrapped around her small front paw!

By the attached photos you can see how beautiful she is, and the difference in her, by the window photos.

One taken on her gotcha day and the other a few weeks later. She truly epitomizes what patience, good nutrition, attention, and unconditional love can do for a rescue. We adore her and can’t imagine a time without her here with us. Thank you so much Muttville for this wonderful program and our wonderful furrkid Shoshanna.

Lorraine and Carmen

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I’ve had many dogs in my life. One thing all dogs have in common is that each one is unique! But unique in different ways. Mary Jane and I adopted Maya from Muttville in 2019, a few weeks after Sparkle crossed over. She was not intended to be a replacement, in fact, she was more of a tribute to Shia, the 5-yr-old Pomeranian we adopted. Shia had been a foster in my dog park group, and with a chronic bad heart, that made it difficult to find him a home. But Shia became a loving member of our family for the last 5 years of his life. From the day he joined our home, he knew he was home.

When Sparkle crossed, I told MJ that it bothered me that an older dog might cross over without having a forever home. MJ took a look at the Muttville website, and Maya was first on her list.

When Leslie, her amazing foster mom, brought Maya to our apartment the next night, she cautioned us that Maya didn’t warm to people easily, especially men. In fact, Leslie was kind of surprised that Maya grudgingly took treats from me. It was only later that I was to realize how uncharacteristic that was. Indeed, it took a couple of weeks for Maya to warm up to me. Although I was her primary dog walker, MJ had to put the leash on and take it off! But once those two weeks passed, she and I became very close; she loves to sit on my lap, or curl up on my chest, tucking her head under my chin, or in my armpit. It’s very sweet.

By the way, Maya’s other best friend is Sammy, a Muttville volunteer; to this day, Sammy sees her at the dog park every month or so; and Maya excitedly runs/waddles to her as soon as she sees Sammy!

Most dogs get very excited when her person comes home. Because, in all candor, there seems to be a bit of Pavlovian reward/expectation involved with that greeting. Daddy’s home, means a walk, means a treat, means a belly rub.

Maya likes her walks. When she wants one. Any of my other dogs, come back from a long walk, wave that leash and they’ll go nuts like they’ve been cooped up for a month. Not Maya. Too early in the morning, she’ll look up at you holding the leash, and just snuggle that much more under the blanket. Oh yes, that’s her normal nighttime location. Head on our pillow, blanket tucked under her neck! Even later in the day, she’s not always thrilled to go out, unless she’s thrilled to go out.

Coming back from a walk is another ritual. CurlyQ charges into the house. Not Miss Maya. She stops at the welcome mat and waits for the leash to be removed. And then, only after being invited in by name, will she strut, head held high, across the threshold.

She’s not grateful for belly rubs. She expects them, she is entitled to belly rubs. And the way her eyes close into little slits in satisfaction is reward enough!

That’s the thing about her. She seems to put a great deal of thought into just about everything she does. When she walks, there are times she digs in her back legs if she doesn’t want to go, like, past the dumpsters, she needs to be carried.

When she gets in bed, she doesn’t just lay down. She spends a good five minutes moving the blanket, or my bathrobe creating a nest, so she can rest her head properly, and be snuggled and warm, before settling in.

She’s not giving her love because she wants a treat or a walk. She’s giving her love and her attention because she wants to.

A few months after adopting Maya we were asked to take in CurlyQ who had belonged to the elderly mother of MJ’s coworker. She couldn’t keep her when forced to move. It was a tough choice, even though she needed a home. Maya had only really become comfortable with us about six weeks earlier. I didn’t want to disrupt her, especially with a younger, larger dog. But I agreed to meet them at the dog park where Maya took an instant dislike to Curly; I grudgingly agreed to a weekend trial. By Saturday morning, it was like they’d been together for ever!!

But from day one to now, it is clear Maya is the Alpha. I’ve never seen them fight, except play fighting, and Maya rules. Curly won’t take a treat if it lands near Maya and won’t fetch her toy if she has to go around Maya, even though Maya doesn’t fetch (her mouth is too small). CurlyQ is adorable, but she loves everybody. Her first day here, it was like she was here forever. Maya took her time to choose to make this her home; to make us her family.

That’s what makes Maya special and unique. Her love and loyalty are not given casually or easily. But once given, it is unbreakable. Her trust and affection are not given or taken lightly, and once given, it is forever.

As I said in the beginning, it was important to me, whether for a month, a year, or if lucky, longer, to give the gift of a permanent home to a senior dog in need. I never imagined that the gift given in return could be so much greater.

Mark & MJ

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Momo is the SWEETEST and is everything we were looking for in a dog. We have found she makes a fantastic couch potato but is happy with walks and even up for some adventures like long walks at the park, Big Sur, or the beach.

We are also ecstatic to report that Momo’s right eye is completely healed from the corneal ulcers and the left one is nearly there!!! YAY! In addition, her fur is growing back nicely, and her skin has had no issues!

Momo is adored by all. Everyone who has met her thinks she’s super adorable and sweet. She gets compliments when we walk, and her new biggest fans are my mom who wins her heart with treats and my sister who has been making her custom bandanas, so her fashion is on point.

We are so grateful to Muttville for taking Momo in and giving her a new start as well as bringing her into our lives. We are equally as grateful to her foster dad, Al, for his dedication to Momo’s eyes.

She gets to keep two beautiful eyes thanks to you! She’s only been with us since January, and we can’t imagine life without her. It almost feels like she’s always been with us.

Much love,

Kat, Timmy, and Momo

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One sunny day about four years ago I decided to drive up and spend some time at Muttville to see how I might be able to help. I hung out there for about an hour cuddling the dogs and talking with the volunteers. While I was there this adorable, super skinny little fluff ball in a green jumper pranced around wagging his tail saying hello to everyone. He just bounced from person to person saying hi. It was almost as if he had a smile on his face too. You couldn’t help but watch him.

Well, as you have probably guessed, I couldn’t stop thinking about that little dog Mutville named Juicy. Maybe the best way I could help was to welcome him into our lives. My only challenge was that we have another rescue named Archie who has always been afraid of other dogs. After everything he had been through it didn’t seem right to put another dog in the house that he had come to feel so safe in. But, something called me to at least “dig” a little deeper :) Juicy was with a foster who was willing to bring him to our home to see how well he got along with Archie.

Juicy’s foster mom came in and sat with Juicy on the couch. Juicy laid down and snuggled in right next to her. And, still to this day, I remember my surprise when Archie jumped up on the couch and sat down right next to Juicy. Normally he would have sat outside the room and lightly shook if another dog was in our home. I knew right then we had to give this a try.

From that day on, Archie shared his dog bed with Juicy and they often slept laying right on top of each other. Sometimes, Archie liked his space and would remind Juicy that this was his house first. But, he seemed to be protective of Juicy. Even when I would leave the house to take them in the car, Archie would wait on the porch until he knew Juicy was in the car too.

Things were not always easy. And, I only tell you this because if you feel like you are having challenges with your rescue that is normal. Juicy had to be nursed to better physical and emotional health. And, luckily he didn’t have any teeth because at times he could get scared and bite. We needed to learn how to approach him. For example, he didn’t want anyone to touch him when he first laid down to go to bed at night. And, especially if you came up from behind. But, once he knew he was safe he wanted to be snuggled all night long.

Speaking of snuggling, he turned my husband into a big ol’ softie! He especially enjoyed sleeping on my husband and I remember times my husband would shift at night and I would see Juicy stand up, look from side to side as if looking for him, lean over and look at my husband’s face and then plop down with his head in my husband’s neck. I remember many times sleeping with his head on my neck and not moving all night because it was so comforting. Juicy was like the perfect combination of a warm blanket, meditation, and blood pressure medication.

At times Juice could be a curmudgeon, but our whole family adored him. Our youngest son even asked everyone coming to his birthday party to not bring presents. Instead, he requested a donation to Muttville so he could help more dogs like Juice. He raised around $250.00! Helping Juice gave my son an opportunity to learn gratitude and the fulfillment that comes from helping others. I am forever grateful for that.

We even did something my husband swore we would never do…get a dog stroller! The two of them could only walk so far but really enjoyed being out so we would put them in it and go for long walks by the ocean. They would sit there looking regal and proud like they are kings and sniff the breeze. They were so content and happy.

Someone once said that a dog’s only fault is that it doesn’t live long enough. We were lucky enough to have precious Juicy for about three years. Very sadly he developed a brain tumor and he crossed the rainbow bridge. We still miss him and laugh about all his wonderful quirkiness. We will always cherish our memories of what an amazing cuddler he was and how much he adored his best friend Archie who he followed everywhere.

One day I went into Muttville to see what I could do to help. And, I went home with a little puffball that will forever live in our hearts. He helped us more than words could express. Thank you Muttville!!

The Merritt Family

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Hi, Muttville,

NiNi is doing great and is such a wonderful addition to the family. We are all at home all day, so she gets lots of attention. She loves going for walks, getting petted and treats! She’s pretty chill. She doesn’t really interact or react to other dogs (or cats, squirrels….).

Nini is very calm except when she goes to the vet, gets very nervous! She had a growth on her eye removed in December, hence the cone at Christmas. The growth was benign. She’s healthy and happy. We love her very much especially when she lies on us on the couch for a snooze.


James and Kari

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I am so grateful that he became part of my life last year. He is loved not only by myself and his fur sister, Lilly, but by my mother, my brother, and the rest of his for cousins (there are a lot)! We enjoy walks with our neighbors and their pups, off leash hikes in nature, and of course a good Netflix binge with cuddles!

Stitch is a perfect little gentleman. He is so handsome, happy, well behaved, and always eager to love on anyone. Stitch is so affectionate, he’s generous with his kisses and he follows me everywhere, even if I am just going from one room to the next in my apartment, he is always at my feet, like a shadow.

Some of my favorite things about Stitch are his squinty left eye which makes it look like he’s always winking, the way his tiny little tongue sticks out of his mouth, the happy 360 spins he does when I come home, the way he shares my yoga mat with me, and the way he burrows himself under the blankets to sleep next to me every night.

Stitch and Lilly always share the bed with me, and I usually sleep sandwiched between the two, which is the best way to end and start my days. Thank you Muttville! ❤️


Whitney, Lilly, and Stitch

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Jimmy (aka Pepe Le Pew)

Jimmy (aka Pepe Le Pew)

January 27 was our sweet boy’s 2-year adoptiversary.

Jimmy (fka Pepe le Pew) ended up at Muttville through the larger rescue network in the Bay Area. He came from a neglect situation and had been through a lot; he was timid at first but clearly resilient. He quickly came out of his shell and has become an incredibly cuddly and trusting dog with endless personality. He went blind last year, but after cataract surgery a few months ago to restore his eyesight, he’s back to enjoying adventures and the great outdoors. He brings so much joy to our home, and we’re grateful to Muttville for introducing us to him. Thank you!

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Connie (In Memoriam)

Connie (In Memoriam)

I remember when I first started fostering senior dogs with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, I was told about their Hospice Program. Muttville covers palliative costs for dogs that arrive at their shelter with untreatable terminal illnesses. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I could never adopt a hospice dog!” Even after fostering a hospice dog, I remember being in such awe that there were people out there who could find it in their hearts to adopt a dying dog.

When I met Connie, it was love at first sight. My husband and I started fostering her in December 2019. She was our 15th foster dog and we had never “foster failed” before. We had been fostering her for about a month and a half when I received an email from the Muttville Vet Team – Connie was now a part of their Hospice Program. She was diagnosed with advanced heart disease and had fluid around her heart. They estimated she had about 6 months left to live. We knew there was no way we could give her up, and that she deserved to spend whatever time she had left continuing to experience the love and safety she had found with us so far. Although Connie is 13 years old, hard of hearing, and nearly blind, she has so much energy and has the biggest personality! She is a true testament to how much love senior dogs have left to give!

If anyone is considering adopting a senior dog, they should meet Connie! Connie reminds us every single day to find the joy in the little things and to cherish each day. Tomorrow is never promised. Despite her difficult past and her terminal diagnosis, Connie is the happiest, most joyful dog I have ever met. We spend every day giving her all the love and affection and spoiling her as much as possible. We take her on weekend trips to do “bucket list” things so she can experience as many new things as she can. We don’t know how much time Connie has left with us, so we truly appreciate each day that we get with her, and it turn that has reminded us to truly appreciate each day that we ourselves have on this earth, especially with the current pandemic. Connie has brought so much joy to our lives and the lives of everyone she has met. I will be forever grateful to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for bringing this sweet senior lady into my life. She has also inspired me to continue fostering with Muttville and to get even more involved with this amazing organization. In addition to fostering, I also volunteer as a foster mentor. I will continue to do all I can to help this amazing organization.


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Sugar (aka Marigold)

Sugar (aka Marigold)

We applied to foster at Muttville in Sept, 2020, and were notified that we could foster Marigold. The next morning at 8:00am we decided to adopt! We fell in love immediately.

We renamed her Sugar because she is such a sweet soul and has been a joy and a miracle in our lives in every way. She lives to love and be loved. The most amazing and miraculous thing is that my partner (a cat person) had never owned – or wanted to own – a dog, and we definitely were not considering adoption, only fostering. After Sugar had been here less than 24 hrs., Mary Lu brought up adoption. I would NEVER have believed, 7 months ago, that we would own a dog. One of the most wonderful things about the whole process is that she and Mary Lu are inseparable. Sugar loves me, but she WORSHIPS Mary Lu and vice versa!

Sugar doesn’t bark, doesn’t beg, doesn’t destroy. She loves all people and has become socialized with dogs during our neighborhood walks. While she was found as a stray, we believe that she had been owned and loved because she was never fearful or shy with humans. She learned everything quickly, regarding daily routines. She LOVES dogs on TV – especially Asta, in The Thin Man series, and tries to find a spot on the TV where she can get to them. She spends much of her day patrolling the backyard for squirrels or watching out the window for neighborhood cats.

Her digestion was great from the very beginning and, since she had a hysterectomy (her uterus was in very bad shape!!) and her bad teeth removed, she has changed into a lively, active, very energetic dog. She is perfect, and we are crazy about her, and about having her in our lives. Here are some recent photos from our vacation and at home.

I am a great fan of Dobermans – have had 2 in past years. Sugar is hardly the short-haired, long-legged dog I thought I preferred. But it is obvious that the universe knew how to choose for us!

Nancy and Mary Lu

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This is Cinnamon and we adopted her in January 2020 from Muttville. She has been the light of my life this year – wants to walk anytime. anywhere! She gets along with her older sister, a stubborn Spaniel mix.

And she is obedient and a great off leash walker. We are grateful that Cinnamon joined us in 2020.


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