Seniors for Seniors

Senior dogs + senior humans = a perfect match. Muttville is committed to making that happen!

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How do we help seniors adopt?

The adoption process for seniors is very much like our standard adoption process. However, if you are 62+ years of age, we waive our $250 adoption fee. We also provide a welcome kit that includes your dog’s harness and collar, a leash, dog bowls, a starter supply of food and medication, a doggy bed, and, if needed, home modifications such as a doggy gate and stairs.

Questions? Email

To get started, fill out our Seniors for Seniors Adoption Questionnaire.

Adoption Questionnaire


Cuddle Club

Come love and be loved! Our dogs cherish the cuddle time as much as you do. Email us to set up a Cuddle Club event or find out when the next one is happening. (Cuddle Club is for adults 62 and older.)

Ladies with Mutts