Become a Muttville foster parent

More fosters mean more lives saved!

Muttville continues to save lives! (In fact, we never stopped!) We are rescuing 15‑20 senior mutts each week, giving them high-quality medical care and finding loving forever homes so they can spend their golden years being adored.

How can we continue to do this? Our fosters!

It’s thanks to you, foster families, we can say yes to dogs in need!

Because health professionals continue to advise us to remain closed, our new arrivals go straight to foster instead of staying at HQ for a while. That means we need active foster families more than ever. The more foster families we have, the more lives we can save!

What is fostering like right now?

When our mutts arrive at headquarters, they see our vet and our groomer right away. Once they’ve been cared for and are squeaky clean, they head directly to a foster home to get lots of TLC while they wait for their forever home.

Since our mutts are only with us for a few hours when they first arrive, we only know a little bit about their personality, level of potty training, likes, dislikes, comfort level being left alone, etc. As always, we try to make the best foster match possible based on what we do know, but nothing is guaranteed, and we’re asking for your patience with your new arrival.

Our fosters matter more than ever!

We will be relying on you more than ever to learn and share everything you can about your mutts with us and with potential adopters. Our fosters are the true matchmakers these days!

What can you expect with your lucky foster mutt? Click here for more details on what it means to foster at this time. If you are interested in fostering, please take a moment to fill out an application.

Once you complete an application, we will reach out to schedule a New Foster Onboarding video conference call with one of our Foster Mentors. Because of the process changes, it may take us a little longer than usual to get to your application, but we’re a scrappy team and we work as fast as our paws will type!

Thank you for considering joining the Muttville Foster Family. The mutts need you now more than ever!

Dogs available for foster

The dogs shown below need foster care while they wait for their new forever homes.

If you’re already a Muttville foster parent, please email if any of these dogs seem like a good fit for your home.

If you’re not a Muttville foster parent and would like to join our essential team of foster homes, please fill out a foster application.


No dogs are currently in need of foster, but if you're a foster, we'll let you know when we need your vital services! Thanks!