I am so grateful that he became part of my life last year. He is loved not only by myself and his fur sister, Lilly, but by my mother, my brother, and the rest of his for cousins (there are a lot)! We enjoy walks with our neighbors and their pups, off leash hikes in nature, and of course a good Netflix binge with cuddles!


Stitch is a perfect little gentleman. He is so handsome, happy, well behaved, and always eager to love on anyone. Stitch is so affectionate, he’s generous with his kisses and he follows me everywhere, even if I am just going from one room to the next in my apartment, he is always at my feet, like a shadow.

Some of my favorite things about Stitch are his squinty left eye which makes it look like he’s always winking, the way his tiny little tongue sticks out of his mouth, the happy 360 spins he does when I come home, the way he shares my yoga mat with me, and the way he burrows himself under the blankets to sleep next to me every night.

Stitch and Lilly always share the bed with me, and I usually sleep sandwiched between the two, which is the best way to end and start my days. Thank you Muttville! ❤️

Whitney, Lilly, and Stitch


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