Our sweet senior rescue Vizsla, Nestle (Nessie), was the sweetest most wonderful dog who loved everyone. Nestle had a wonderful year with us and she was very happy with so many wiggles, running around and dancing. We used to joke that she would tap dance for meals. She had so much love to give and we enjoyed every moment with her.

Nessie slept with my kids, our other Vizsla, and even our rescue cat. She came to us very skinny but got to her ideal weight and loved to eat! We spent our year with her hiking, exploring and lots of trips to the beach. She was so thankful and joyful for a final chance of happiness.

Nessie had many prior hardships. She was used as a breeding factory, possibly chained up as was indicated by the abuse from her teeth. Her canines were broken in half and many teeth were broken into several fragments. She would not eat due to mouth pain and was severely underweight and could barely walk due to severe arthritis.

She also had several mammary tumors that were enlarged and needed to be removed. We quickly got her into surgery where she had major teeth extractions and tumors removed. After surgery we learned that she had cancer.

Although our time with her was short, she stole our hearts and will forever be remembered as a beautiful kindhearted girl. I am not sure who saved who because we feel like our hearts are forever touched by this beautiful Vizsla. We love you sweet Nestle.

Tawnya and family