Terrier, Scottish Scottie/Mix
16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

Lovely Lita is a terrier lovers dream!

This sweet girl is so friendly and loving. Lita is a huge fan of belly rubs; she has a bit of a chonk but that makes her belly perfect for rubbing and cuddles. She has the most darling trot, bopping around to see all her human friends and giving lots of tail wags.

Here’s a note from her foster:

Lita has been nothing but a ball of laughs since coming to my home! While she is technically a hospice dog (heart murmur) you wouldn’t know it – she’s my most playful foster to date and certainly the most perfect balance of attentiveness, cuddles, and ease.

She has a personality that shines, just a total love and great communicator. From the moment we got in the car, she crawled over to my lap and sat gazing out the window. Instant comfort. She’s my first foster that instantly played with toys, she loves a squeaky toy and will carry it around the house proudly.

Since she’s on a diuretic I was told to watch out for potty accidents, but she hasn’t had even one! We go out every few hours and she potties outside. She even sleeps through the night. And she is a GREAT sleeper. Stays in one spot on the bed, eventually turning with her belly up and short stumpy arms in the air. She’s a riot!

Lita walks good on a leash and enjoys it but she does let you know with a very stubborn refusal to move if she still wants to sniff someplace a little longer (total terrier behavior!). Great eater and great pill taker (just mix with her food). Does great left alone although she’ll give one low bark when I go to close the door like, "What the heck are you leaving me here for?! But doesn’t bark any further or seem to have any separation anxiety.

She wouldn’t mind sharing her home with other calm, mutts like herself. I haven’t seen her with one but I imagine, from her tenacity, cats are a thing to chase.

I know that whomever adopts Lita, whether it is months or years, they are going to feel like they won the lottery. Just the most perfect little dog who has so very quickly gained my absolute adoration!

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lita is living life to the fullest in our Hospice Program, under which one of our special hospice families has provided her with a loving home and the very best possible end-of-life care. Please wish Lita well!

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