13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Tater is an adorable potato of a chi guy. Snuggle him up in some blankets and he’ll be cozy, warm and toasty, just like a baked potato, only cuter!

Tater can’t wait to be your buddy for strolls around the block, supervise your working from home (he’s a supportive manager), and snooze while you binge your favorite shows. This little guy is just wonderful and we can’t wait for you to love him as much as we do.

Here’s a note from his foster mom!

Tater is doing well and is settling right in. He seems to be potty trained and eats his meals like a champ! He is sleeping in our bed as he seems to be used to that but he also has a dog bed in living room were he snuggles down.

Tater is a sweet little guy who is easy going and will make a great side kick!

PUPDATE: There is a lot to report on this little guy with a big personality! He’s tolerating the food, Rx and supplements without issue and always lets us know when when he needs to go out. What a good boy!!

As he becomes less anxious (from all the recent changes in his life) and more relaxed, his personality is emerging! We are following the vets orders and have him on a bit of a diet, no one loves a diet, but he gets 3 square meals a day and gobbles them up.

Even though our apartment is tiny, he prefers that we are all within a few feet of each other at all times. After sleeping in our bed the first two nights, he enjoys sleeping in his own bed with a sheet for nesting. He loves to go for walks and when the leash comes out, his tail comes up!

At 11 years young, a full loop around the Panhandle in Golden Gate Park doesn’t slow Tater one bit and today we learned that he loves a game of tug of war. Can’t wait to see what he shows us next <3 He is such a sweet pooch.

We’re delighted to report that Tater is currently in a loving and caring home!

Tater Tater Tater Tater Tater Tater Tater Tater

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