Shih Tzu/Poodle, Miniature
6 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Newman! From his pronounced underbite and unique smile to his wobbly gait and wee size, Newman could not possibly be more Muttville.

His vision is impaired and his steps are far from sure, but that will not stop him from finding his way into your arms for cuddles. Newman enjoys snuggles, pets and attention, but he also enjoys exploring the smells of his surroundings. He’s too skinny right now and his coat has surely seen better days, but with a healthy diet, good care, and lots of love he’ll be feeling and looking so much better soon. Will you be the lucky one to cuddle and care for Newman

Here’s what his foster has to say:

“Newman is a sweetheart!! Loves to be held, snuggled, loves to sit or sleep in your lap. He is very quiet, sleeps soundly through the night and naps frequently. Loves to sidle up to you on the couch and sleep or just hang out – he is an awesome TV buddy! – he is just very easy going.

We have him in belly bands because he wants to mark inside; he has just been neutered and I am guessing it will be easier to break that now. Otherwise, he pees and poops outside.

The notes says he has a ‘wobbly gate’, we don’t see that at all – he is actually very sturdy on his feet! Does not do stairs, but loves to wander around and sniff things out – inside and outside. He is not so interested in long walks, per se, but likes to be outside. He is great to be put in a sling or backpack, so you can take your own walks with him onboard. He has been fine with other dogs.

He has a GREAT appetite, does a cute little trembly dance when his meals are getting set; he is already filling out, his coat is soft too ( he grooms himself quite a bit), and in good shape. He has this funny quirk of rubbing up against you, kind of like a cat, when you are sitting with him – with Newman, you get a dog AND a cat, it’s like having a two-for-one deal.

Although he is vision impaired, he can see peripherally and gets around the house and yard beautifully – he really knows how to navigate. He lightly bumps into things sometimes but rights himself. Nothing seems to keep him down!

He will be a great companion for someone who wants a sweet buddy who prefers short outdoor jaunts to taking long walks, and is always game for some cuddling."

We’re delighted to report that Newman is currently in a loving and caring home!

Newman Newman Newman Newman Newman Newman

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