Georgie (fka Puppacino)

On September 10, 2022 we adopted from Muttville’s Adoption Event, a small 10-year-old female dog, named Puppacino.

Georgie (fka Puppacino)

She was limp when I first held her in my arms. However, this little dog’s heartbeat mysteriously permeated pure love right through her body to mine. Wow. Done deal!! 

Her name is now Georgiana, aka “Georgie”.

Clearly, Georgie had some rough times as a stray. Thankfully, during her excellent care at Muttville she received and survived a double surgery in late July.

Thus, we decided that although she didn’t seem like she would be able to do much, we would give her all the love and care possible.

On approximately day ten, Georgie gave us a big surprise. She woke up transformed. She must have greatly healed from the surgery. It was puppy time!

She became a little rocket on our walk and occasionally surpassed our other 5-year-old dog. Then she trotted up and down the patio step. Finishing up with zoomies to her food bowl. What!!?

Although Georgie’s a senior, she’s Miss Personality Plus. She surpises us and makes us laugh every day. She’s a puppy at heart and still actively trotting around despite being a bit sight and hearing impaired.

This wonder dog wraps everyone including other furry creatures around her little paws.

My gosh it’s some kind of magic, I wonder why wouldn’t every dog lover adopt a senior dog from Muttville!

Despite my enthusiasm, I’ve found we’re not unique. Other testimonials on the Muttville website say the same thing; these dogs will go beyond all expectations to give their unconditional love.

I hope that other adoption seekers and Muttville dogs will find their forever meant-to-be adoptions, especially during the holidays. We’d do it all over again in a heartbeat! Thank you Muttville!

Georgie (fka Puppacino)
Georgie (fka Puppacino)


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