On the occasion of our 4th adoptiversary, I can officially say Betty is a success story. She has survived the cancer diagnosis everyone said would take her life within a year of my bringing her home. Her oncologist claims she’s a miracle. The alternative vet says the acupuncture, homeopathy, and Chinese meds are only adjunct to the real reason I still have her: abundant love. I can’t take credit for loving her; she’s irresistipittible. Everyone loves her. She’s here because she decided to take another crack at a good life. Muttville gave her that chance. How very lucky am I.


Thank you, Muttville, for caring about and for my girl. She is a joy to me every day. Neighbors who are resolute cat people claim she gives them pause about their bias. Her sweetness, wisdom and kindness break my heart daily – in a good way. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she pegs the cuteness meter.

Every Muttville dog is special, but I hit the jackpot!

Nancy Epstein
P.S. F^+K Cancer


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