Allie (aka Chickadee)

We adopted Allie last fall, shortly after she had been rescued by Muttville. Having gone through quite a bit of hardship, understandably, Allie was initially fearful of mostly everything — people, noises, going outdoors, car rides.

Allie (aka Chickadee)

But with lots of love and attention, I’m happy to say that her transformation has been remarkable! She quickly came out of her shell and her spunky personality began to shine through. She’s now energetic, playful, and super cuddly. We go for long walks several times each day while she leisurely sniffs her way throughout the neighborhood, curiously checking out every new smell. Initially she had no interest in toys. But now she loves to play, bounding up and down our stairs bringing her toys from room to room. And she’s happy to be right in the mix of things when our grandkids and grand-doggie come to visit.

When she’s not playing or going on walking adventures, Allie is quite the cuddle bug. She snuggles in my lap while I’m working on my computer, next to me when watching a movie, and at night in bed. When I come home from being out, she greets me with nuzzles and showers me with kisses.

We are so grateful to have adorable Allie as part of our family. Thank you Muttville for bringing this beautiful little soul into our lives and giving senior dogs another chance for a loving, forever home.

All the best,



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