This is one amazing transformation we had to share!


Thanks to “failed foster” mom now forever mom Dahlia for sharing adorable Dudley ’s story! Enjoy!

I couldn’t resist sharing these before and after pics of Dudley. It’s only been a couple months, but as you can see his poodle hair has grown back (he even got his first around-the-eyes hair cut), he’s put on a couple pounds and has developed a special bond with his brother Spirit. Spirit is calm and happy for the first time since losing his brother of 13 years a couple years ago. We both adore Dudley and are so grateful he snuck his way into our hearts via the Muttville foster program. In fact, the moment he crawled onto my lap on the car ride home from Sherri’s house i knew this foster had found his forever home.

Thank you for saving him and all the other senior dogs whose lives you have touched. and thank you for bringing him into my life.

warmly, dahlia

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