Poodle Chi Mix
X-small (under 6 lbs)
Status: Adopted

dudley is the sweetest little guy! i fell i love with him immediately as does everyone we meet on our walks and in the dog park. he is outgoing and friendly with people and with dogs both big and small. this guy is a charmer.

his favorite thing is cuddling and staring into your eyes. he enjoys lounging around in his bed or nestled in a mountain of soft blankets but is always up for a neighborhood adventure as well. one look into this little guy’s eyes and you will be in love!

Dudley is the best. THE BEST. He’s so tiny and spindly, but one look into his big brown eyes and you will be under his spell. There’s something mystical and magical about this little guy. He captures everyone that he comes in contact with.

he probably weighs 5 pounds soaking wet. He knows he’s small and can be intimidated by bigger dogs and will sometimes look to you to get him our of situations that make him nervous, but as soon as he’s in your arms, he’s happy as could be.

He’s good with other dogs, travel and making friendly conversation and much, much more. This special boy deserves a home that is as wonderful as he is. Come meet him today!

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Dudley Dudley Dudley Dudley Dudley