Wee Bey

Wee Bey

6 lbs (toy)
Est. age: 14 yrs
Status: Available

Super senior Wee Bey is trending! Currently topping the Muttville chi charts with his perfect eye, ear and blep game, he’s being trolled by George Clooney, who is reportedly jealous of his superior salt and pepper good looks. News about Bey’s cool vibe and portability has started a viral campaign to design Wee B handbags, and Prada may take the bait. The truth is he’s just a 5-lb love dumpling looking for a comfy home, a gentle touch, no stairs and some good old-fashioned stability. Come, sit and stay with Wee Bay, then tote him away to a happily anonymous future.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

How do you physically describe Wee Bay? Like you asked a 7th grader to draw a dog. It’s very good, but the proportions are a little off, and it’s a bit goofy looking. Perfection nonetheless!

How do you describe his personality? Sweet baby angel. He is just waiting to be your next best friend. He’s extremely polite, affectionate and full of love. He’ll gladly sit snuggled up next to you in bed or on the couch, but also knows when it’s time to leave you alone when you need to work.

He would be fine as an only dog or with others. He’s very quiet except when he’s annoyed at one of our dogs harassing him, or when he’d like you to pick him up. He seems to be potty trained and sleeps through the night! Low-mid energy level, which is perfect for most lifestyles. He doesn’t need much exercise. He’s seriously the best little guy!

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