Pinscher, Miniature/Mix
5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

If good things come in small packages, then Red is the goodest of things. You might gaze down at this tiny creature’s large cloudy eyes and think she can see right into your soul. But no, she can’t see anything at all. Despite this, Red seems to get around just fine! Possibly by echo-location-she does look like a tiny bat.

Notes from her foster:

Red is 4 lbs of get up and go – unless there is a warm blanket to burrow under or sunshine to sit in. Red has been sightless for some time as she is very smart about learning her way around the house. She has figured out where all the beds are, the water bowls and has that terrier nose for finding her bowl of food or snacks.

Red is a good eater once she has gotten used to her surroundings. She’s a lot happier after having 14 bad teeth removed. Red is a talker – she’s good at letting you know when she needs to go outside, when she’s excited for dinner along with asking where everyone is if she senses you’re not in the room with her.

Red does fine on leash – though her adopter will need to be her seeing-eye person to keep her safe on walks.

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Meet Red, watch here!
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