Jack Russell Terrier mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

True to his name this sweet guy acts just like a puppy! He is friendly, outgoing, and spunky. Puppy would love an active adopter who can take him on lots of adventures. This sweet boy will be your loyal companion and best friend!

Puppy is 10 years young and weighs 20 pounds.

Check out what Puppy’s foster had to say about this boy:

Puppy is an AWESOME dog. Bright. Attentive. Energetic. This dog does not miss a stitch and is always watching you and alert to his surroundings and activities taking place. And as you would expect with a dog that is at least part Jack Russell, this is one smart dog who already knows sit, stay, down, lay down, and off (the bed), and was also quick to pick up others. We have several flights of stairs and, after a short adjustment period, he handles them like a champ. I have rarely encountered a dog who looks at you so clearly and intensely, holding your gaze with his big clear brown eyes for as long as you can stand it. Puppy knows the word ""walk"" VERY well and, once out, can adhere to curb stays/sits when commanded and rewarded. You would never suspect Puppy is 10 years old. He has boundless energy, jumping up on/down, off of things and navigating stairs, obstacles, hedges and the like with gawky grace and ease. He loves to play with his plushy squeaky bone and mini tennis balls and will run/chase/retrieve said objects. At night, Puppy prefers to sleep with us on our bed. Puppy is house trained.

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Read a loving tribute to Puppy from his adopter.

Watch for Puppy in this Muttville video!
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