Terrier Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Petunia is a sweet, sensitive girl who warms up and bonds quickly with new people. She comes to us from Manteca, where a Good Samaritan found her as a stray…and, while she’s still getting used to her new surroundings, we can tell she wants nothing more than to give and receive love. She is friendly with dogs of all sizes and enjoys exploring and taking in her surroundings. She is quiet, sweet, and gentle. Petunia is a lovely dog and will make a wonderful family member. Come and meet her soon!

Petunia is 7 years young and weighs 20 pounds.

Here’s what her foster has to say about her:

Petunia is sweet, very gentle, and sensitive.She is lower energy mostly when indoors. When outdoors on a leash walk, she walks at a pretty good speed, and she really likes to explore. She is 100% house-trained! She has been left alone up to 4 hours at home, and sleeps overnight (up to 10 hours), no accidents at all. She really likes her harness and Muttville ""adopt me"" vest; I take them off when we’re home, and she will carry them to her bed and sleep on top of them. She knows “sit” and “stay”, and will even stay seated if I walk out of sight. She is also great in cars, just sleeps in a carrier that I opened up and laid flat on the floor.

We’re delighted to report that Petunia is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Petunia, watch her enjoy some treats!
Petunia Petunia Petunia Petunia Petunia Petunia Petunia