Lhasa Apso/Mix
16 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

His coat is as white as the driven snow. Cool as a Crisp Cucumber. Everyone must meet Jason! This boy is searching for his palace to guard and his human to love and protect. There will be no more spiders under your bed, nor flies buzzing around in your ear. When Jason is by your side the little annoyances that just drive you crazy will disappear. You will become more focused and have extra time to spend with your best friend. Of course we are talking about Jason. The most friendly, happy-go-lucky gentlemen in town!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Oh boy is this baby boy a cuddler, he is soft like a teddy bear and ultra sweet. He does great with all dogs – he even bops around at the dog and is so positive when he meets dogs big and small. What a good boy! He has the cutest pep in his step and loves a good long walk if you are up for it.

He eats like a champ – and he loves all food :) The fact that he is so food motivated has helped him to learn so many things. His house training has come so far and he’s doing really well with that – he’s also learned how to do the stairs! He has slightly inhibited vision and hearing but that doesn’t slow him down he’s learning all the things and seems like he’d learn a doggy door really fast. Also he’s not a barker which is really nice.

Please let us know when you’d like to meet this snuggly bear!

More good qualities!

- Funny storm trooper face who doesn’t take himself too seriously :)

- contentedly chews on treats for up to an hour at a time

- always up for walks long or short (never pulls on his leash, is motivated to keep going without ever "braking)

- is not a runner so could be allowed off leash (with a long lead just in case at open dog parks and beaches)

- trusting with eye drops

- curious and friendly with all other dogs

- sleeps well thru the night either in dog or human bed

- solid healthy poops

- Great addition to multi-dog household though would be fine alone

- Friendly with all people and allows kids to pet him.

We’re delighted to report that Jason is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Jason!
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