11 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Sweet, gentle Capybara is better than most toddlers! He’s potty trained, sleeps through the night, and never has a meltdown when you turn off Baby Shark. Capybara has proven experience as a fabulous housemate to other dogs, and he gets along with kids, too. According to Capybara’s tail stylist, Cindy Lauper, he’s feeling a little shy right now but will warm right up as soon as he’s settled in to his new home with his loving new family.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

This wee Continental Toy Spaniel, commonly known as the Papillon with his butterfly-like ear fringe, fluffiness and a flashy pink tail, is deceptively smart folks. According to the Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren this little fella’s breed is ranked 8th brightest out of 138 breeds tested. And boy is he clever!

He listens to my verbal commands and still has great hearing. He doesn’t seem to know his name so I’ve been calling him Papi which he likes haha. And he gives me lots of waggy tail when I praise him which melts my heart. He lets me know when he needs to go potty by making little sounds and then when I look down at him and say “what papi?” in a high voice he’ll perk up his ears and wag his pink tail at me. I say do you need to go potty? and he responds with a little tap dance. He follows me from my back door to my yard, does his business and then waits until I call him and he follows me back to my door and heads inside. If he starts to head in the wrong direction, I just call him and he turns and comes running after me, he’s a very well-behaved boy!

Capybara loves a soft blanket to nest in, he’s one of those guys that likes to scratch and bunch up and circle into a nest of comfort. He’ll fuss and scratch that blanket or soft towel until it’s just right and he’ll push his snoot into the corners until it’s a perfect bed for slumbering in during car rides. He’ll be fast asleep in minutes wherever you put a fluffy blanket for him.

He walks with purpose, eats with purpose, grumbles off curious big lady dogs with purpose and rules any back yard or household with purpose. This big dog in a little dog’s body is a confident man about town on his walks. He has quite the strut.

He travels well, either in my lap as I drive or riding shotgun in the passenger’s seat beside me. He simply falls asleep which tells me he is used to traveling in cars. He never barks, like ever.

He will go into his crate when I tell him to but he’s not a fan. He prefers to be free-range in the house and likes sleeping through the night with his human. last night I heard him barely whimper-warble up at me and Luna beside the bed. he almost sounds like a loudly purring cat. that’s how he says he wants up on the bed. i finally relented and he made himself at home and fell fast asleep. He sleeps with his human very quietly and through the night.

My female pit bull who is a very excitable gal got a few snarls from him and she avoided him after that. once he set the tone and felt comfortable after a few minutes he started following us around the house. She continued to be curious but gave him space. They both coexisted together but separately with no fuss but I do think Capy is best as a solo dog or in a home with other littles or bigs that will pay him no mind. This is his way and after 14 years it’s served him well.

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