Homer is the sweetest dog ever. He loves to nap, to eat, to sniff the floor and everywhere we walk, and to meet other dogs. He can be stubborn: when he finds the scent of another dog in the grass he insists on tracking it no matter what. He loves to be pet gently on the head by anyone. He is deaf…except when I am in the kitchen opening a bag of kibble. Then he winds himself around my ankles like a cat. He never barks, he has some damage to his lower jaw due to previous infection. Recently, however, he has started to speak! He says “Wuff!” when he dreams, when he wants something, and when he has a complaint. Homer came to me already completely housebroken. He was named Homer by Muttville but he wanted to keep it. When I accidentally call him by my kids’ names he ignores me, but he perks up at the sound of his correct name. And it suits him! So Homer it is. Now and forever.


Eternally grateful to Muttville!

Frances Texidor


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