November 12 2013

Hooray for Muttville! Our Favorite Senior Dog Rescue Saves Its 2,000th Dog

Muttville, located in San Francisco, is a really remarkable organization, and most everyone here at Dogster would admit to having a soft spot in our hearts for the senior-dog rescue group. Rescue organizations abound, but Muttville takes care of dogs that routinely fall through the cracks. Most people, when they start to make the rounds of shelters to take a dog home, want to take home a youngster: Puppies and dogs in their early adolescence are the stars of the dog adoption scene.

Muttville on the other hand, specializes in senior dogs, who often languish in shelters or are simply euthanized because they’re not considered adoptable. When a dog comes into Muttville, the group finds a home for that animal if it can. If the dog just isn’t adoptable, Muttville provides end-of-life care.

That’s some good, praiseworthy work. So, we’re really happy to see that Muttville is celebrating its 2,000th rescued dog since its founding in 2007. That’s an impressive number of dogs in only a few years, especially considering how difficult it is to place older dogs. …

Life With Dogs

November 12 2013

Organization Dedicated to Senior Dogs Reveals 2,000th Dog Rescued

One lucky nine-year old cattle dog mix named Varsha has brought a celebration to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue after she enabled them to reach a special milestone this week by being the 2,000th senior dog rescued since Muttville’s founding in 2007.

Varsha was found wandering the streets of Oakland, California. A good Samaritan coaxed her into their car and brought her to Oakland Animal Services, where she was given shelter. Covered in scabs with a large portion of her hair missing — and considered geriatric — Varsha was not going to be an easy case, so three days later, OAS’s rescue partner Martha Klein reached out to Muttville.

It was an auspicious moment not just for Varsha, but for Muttville: Varsha was Mutt 2K, the 2000th dog to be rescued by the senior dog group. She went to the vet and the groomer to begin taking care of her skin problem, and her spirit seemed to be healed almost overnight. …

NBC Bay Area

October 11 2013

SF Volunteers Give Old Dogs New Life

The prognosis for Tommy G’s teeth is not looking good. Advanced decay means most of them are going to have to be pulled.

As for the rest of him, though, things are definitely looking up.

Tommy G, you see, is a dachshund. Or, at least he looks like one. No one is really sure.

His age is also a bit of a question mark, though it is clear Tommy G is up there in years.

That last fact is important because it is why Tommy G has found himself at Muttville, and in the hands of Sherri Franklin.

“Oh you are a cutie,” Franklin says as she lifts Tommy G out of the car that brought him to San Francisco. “And a chunker!” she adds after lifting the 20 pound small dog.

Muttville is a San Francisco dog rescue specializing in senior dogs ages seven and older. Tommy G has been brought from another shelter where workers feared he had little chance of being adopted.

At Muttville, though, Tommy G has a great chance of finding a new home. That is, after the dental work is done, a flea bath is given, and Tommy G’s nails get a much-needed trim. …

CBS SF Bay Area

September 21 2013

Decoding Dogs' Body Language & Upcoming Bay Area Dog Adoptions

Shelah Barr tells us you to decode a dog’s body language and Sherri Franklin talks about Muttville’s fundraiser [Moolah for Mutts: Viva Los Mutts!] and adoptions in the Bay Area.

With special appearance by the adorable Payton.

CBS SF Bay Area

July 27 2013

Bay Area Pet Experts Talk About The Importance Of Stretching ...

Ilana Strubel, Muttville supporter and Veterinarian/Chiropractor at Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital, talks about the importance of stretching for dogs and demonstrates some stretching techniques on some of Muttville’s lucky mutts.

CBS SF Bay Area

May 25 2013

Understand Your Cat; Upcoming Bay Area Pet Adoption Events

Another installment of Pet Tips from Dr. Jena Valdez and Muttville on CBS/KPIX, filmed at Muttville’s headquarters. Muttville founder Sherri Franklin is also featured in the KPIX studio with Nadine, one of Muttville’s adoptable senior mutts.


March 13 2013

Anatomy of a Rescue: It Took a Small Army to Save My One-Eyed Pekingese

Six months ago, I shared my story about failing as a foster and adopting Beasley, my one-eyed senior Pekingese. I received a lot of great comments, here on Dogster and on other social networks. Two commenters who read the article linked from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue’s Facebook page had their own stories to tell of Beasley’s rescue. …

[The article continues to describe the “rescue railroad” of caring people that combined to bring the indomitable Beasley from a small cage in the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter, to Muttville, and finally into the loving arms of the author. A fun read and an inside look at how rescues take place.]

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March 12 2013

David Perry interviews Sherri Franklin, Founder and ED of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Sherri Franklin, Muttville’s founder and executive director, explains what Muttville is all about and how it works, including Muttville’s Senior for Seniors program and Cuddle Club. Featuring Maxwell, live on the set, and pix of lots of other cuties.

CBS SF Bay Area

February 23 2013

Why You Should Avoid Giving Leftovers to Your Dog

The third installment of Pet Tips from Dr. Jena Valdez and Muttville on CBS/KPIX, filmed at Muttville’s headquarters. Muttville founder Sherri Franklin is also featured in the KPIX studio with Chico, one of Muttville’s adoptable senior mutts.

CBS SF Bay Area

February 9 2013

Foods to Keep Out of Reach From Your Dog

The second installment of Pet Tips from Dr. Jena Valdez and Muttville on CBS/KPIX, filmed at Muttville’s headquarters. Muttville founder Sherri Franklin is also featured in the KPIX studio with Jackie O, one of Muttville’s adoptable senior mutts.

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