19 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

T minus 5 minutes until your heart melts over this out-of-this-world pupper. Ziti is full of love, very active, and extremely friendly, and has yet to get the memo that she’s a senior so please don’t tell her. Ziti’s hobbies include snuggles, walkies, and eating all the snacks! You can see her day to day activities on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zitisweetziti/

-Ziti is super playful and so much fun

-Ziti comes from a terrible background, and is so deserving of love. She will give it back 100%

-Ziti has so many new things to learn and the world is her oyster. Everything she does is the most exciting thing that has ever happened. Her zest for life is contagious!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Ziti is such a sweetie :)

She prefers to have the company of her humans around her. She is SO quiet with me ( and I am with her almost all the time but for some errands and fitness classes I have been gone 3-4 times for like 2 hours max .. )

Ziti seems to have a good appetite! She is a great leash walker – would gladly go 3 miles on flat ground. On uphill ( non stairs/ step) terrain would keep it under 1/2 mile max. She is very house trained – has only gone outside . :)

She is very spritely!! She wants to follow you and be close to you and it is so cute!She has a back leg that will get wobbly – I have all laminate floors that can get a little slippery for her and she loves carpet and solid asphalt/ cement/ grass/ soil!She can do stairs ( I have about 6 steps in house) but you can tell she prefers not to. She can hop in the car easily also and you can tell she prefers if you can pick her little body up and set her down gently !).

She can fall asleep in five seconds when lounging and has lots of doggie dreams! Absolutely loves walking and getting outside! Loves being your little shadow and knowing where you are in the house – it is cute. Loves lounging and taking doggie naps next/ near you! She gets a little frightened when you approach her from behind too fast.

I haven’t had her off leash but on leash she is receptive to other dogs and you can tell if she starts getting uncomfortable with other dog in about a minute or 2 and can kindly say goodbye and steer her away with no troubles!
Meet Ziti!
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