10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

The look of love is in Zip’s eyes! Can you resist?

This chi mix cutie will zip and zoom his way straight into your heart. He can’t wait to join you puttering around the house, and couch potato time. Comfy beds and snuggly blankets? Yes please! Add lots of love and it’s a deal!

Here is what his foster has to say!

He’s doing great here and all he wants to do is be a lap dog and have his belly rubbed. Zero problems introducing him to my dogs, but he will sometimes growl at the dogs if they come into his space. Sometimes I’ll have him and another dog on my lap at the same time and he doesn’t care, other times he wants his space from the other dogs. He doesn’t snip or bite, but he growls and lets the dogs know when he’s not cool with it. He has loved every human he has met here and basically wanted to be best friends with us as soon as he got here. He’s the best cuddle bug there could be.

We use a slip lead on walks and I think it definitely helps. He very much wants to pull forward, but the slip lead helps keep him in check and walking right next to us, rather than trying to constantly pull ahead. If he gets too far out in front, he gets on alert and looks around for anything to yell at, but if I keep him back with me/the rest of the pack, he walks right along with no problem.

I took him over to our pet store for a few minutes, and he was not a fan of other dogs coming in and out of the store – he barked and lunged at the few we saw. So even though he’s doing well on the walks, he still does not like other dogs coming into his territory. At home, he’s doing great with my dogs – even when they get in his space – he must be getting used to it. They all roam around here freely with no problems, eat and sleep together, etc. We haven’t had any issues with him at home.

We’re delighted to report that Zip is currently in a loving and caring home!

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