You're Welcome

You're Welcome

11 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

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This little pup is sweeter than an ice cream sundae covered in hot fudge, caramel sauce, and whipped cream – plus don’t forget the cherry on top! She must have come from the factory of darling angels because she’s a certified and trademarked angel pup who will absolutely melt your heart. (Can you tell we love her to pieces?!).

She has a bit of trouble seeing and hearing, but that just makes all her other senses keen enough to navigate the work perfectly well. She’s one grateful little gal who can’t wait to accept all the scritches and cuddles.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

A snuggle next to her person is You’re Welcome’s idea of heaven. She will give sweet little kisses if she’s gently picked up, but mostly she wants to sit by your side. The fact that she’s totally blind doesn’t stop her from enjoying her surroundings; she loves wandering around the backyard and checking out every nook and cranny.

Leash walking was clearly not part of her former life, but she has so much fun exploring in the backyard that she doesn’t seem to miss being out in the wider world.

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