12 lbs (small)
Est. age: 16 yrs
Status: Hospice adoption pending


Oh Yoko! How are you so perfect? Is it your big beautiful ears? Long elegant legs? Sweet face? All that is true but there’s more! Yoko is a sweet and loving lady. Even though she’s a super senior, Yoko is a peppy walker who enjoys her strolls (and sniffing new smells). Care to join her?

Yoko is hospice due to advanced age and kidney disease.

Here’s a note from her foster mom:

Yoko is a sweet, quiet, delicate girl who needs a loving place to call home. She’s started out pretty shy from all of the recent changes in her life, but we continue to see glimpses of her playful spirit come through, so she just needs more time to blossom!

She loves to be snuggled up in a bed or sitting next to you in the same room and will follow you around the house as you do chores. The only time she’s made noise was a soft cry the first time we left the house, but she has since learned to trust that she’s not going to be abandoned again. No barking whatsoever! She can go for short walks but is just fine slowly sniffing around the yard.

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