Bichon Frise
11 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

Rumors are flying over here at Muttville. Yen, the new lady in town is said to have lived a wild life full of adventures and sunbeam naps. We’ve heard that she gets along with cats, is potty trained, and used to date Prince Charles when they were both in collage. Maybe if you’re super lucky, you’ll become her best friend and she will tell you all about it.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Yen is such a sweet and easy girl. She eats well and takes her medicine easily. She’s already house trained if taken out regularly and does not need many potty breaks. I took her out pretty often to figure out her potty needs, and it seems like she generally needs to go as soon as she wakes up in the morning, after she has breakfast (about an hour later), late morning/noonish, late afternoon, and after dinner. If she didn’t need to go, she’d poke around a bit and then just sit/lay down. She can’t do stairs but was fine with me carrying her up and down ours.

She mostly napped, alternating between a dog bed with a blanket and laying on the floor next to the bed. She slept through the nights in a dog bed. She’d wake up just before I was going to bed a few hours after she first fell asleep, so I’d just pet her a bit until she started falling asleep again.

She generally didn’t pay any attention to our cat or dog. Every once in a while she’d notice our cat and walk towards her from curiosity, but our cat would always go somewhere else and avoid interacting with her. I don’t think she sees very well, but she was able to navigate around our furniture/doorways without bumping into anything. I also think she has some hearing loss and can’t figure out where noises (like me calling her) are coming from.

She prefers to be with her people rather than being left alone. She asks for a reassuring touch when she wakes up and starts walking around “looking” for someone. Then she knows she’s not alone and just settles down again for another snooze.

She’s low energy and doesn’t seem interested in walks. But she does seem to enjoy sniffing around for short outings and is very comfortable being in a carrier. I took her with me for a Sunday lunch with a friend, and she sat quietly in the carrier the whole time without whining or trying to get food. I suspect her previous person carried her around a lot.

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