17 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

Yaya is sooo extra! She’s extra friendly, extra wiggly, extra cute, and just might have a few extra pounds on her! Her back legs aren’t as strong as her front ones, so she does need some assistance with the stairs. She enjoys short walks and will gladly speak at the town hall meetings. She is not shy by any means and if you bring her along with you on a first date, she will be the first to break the ice. Your marvelous match will not only fall in love with you, but they will also fall in love with your dog. Swipe right on YaYa!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Yaya is shy but once she gets comfortable with you she is just a big cuddle bug.

Great on leash and loves to go outside for walkies, despite her size she can go up and down stairs with no issue.

When I come home after a long day she comes right up to the door and wags her tails to greet me and has even started getting little zoomie episodes when she’s really happy.

She a very quite little girl, haven’t heard a peep come out of her other than an excited sneeze and her favorite activity is to cuddle with you under the blankets.

She sleeps in bed with me and is the best cuddle buddy you could ask for, she really just wants to be near you and look longingly into your eyes.

She’s seems to be house trained, understands that going outside is our time to get business done, and she likes to chew the grass.

She’s great with my 2 other dogs and doesn’t even care that my spicy chi barks at her sometimes , she just stares and doesn’t care.

Anyone who wants a great companion dog that loves to sit around and cuddle with you or go for an outside adventure to the ferry building, this is your gal.

She loves people even though she’s shy, she’s very adventurous and just wants you to look at her and say, YOUR SO BRAVE!

You got this Yaya!

YaYa YaYa YaYa YaYa YaYa YaYa YaYa YaYa YaYa YaYa