Bichon Frise
14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Here’s some notes from his foster:

The first couple of days he arrived Xavier spent lots of time sleeping, we can only imagine how exhausted he was after all he had been through. While Xavier is mostly blind and deaf he mapped out our house quickly and gets around well, navigating and finding us mostly by smell. He now spends lots of time walking the full length of our apartment on what we refer to as his "mall walking rounds. He loves walking, and adventures his way around our yard sniffing and wandering with no fear.

He really enjoys going for short walks as well, especially in a park near our house where he could meander in the grass. Walks with him are slow as he takes his time to take in all the smells. Because of this, he may need to be carried across streets to get across in a timely fashion. While energetic for an older guy, he doesn’t jump or do stairs and would do best in a home with little to no stairs.

Xavier sleeps through the night in his own bed in our bedroom and seems to enjoy sleeping late. He has gotten into a good potty routine in our yard, going out after both meals and once mid-day. He’s food motivated and we gave him a small treat after each successful potty trip and he seems to have learned quickly.

We’ve not heard Xavier bark or make any noises aside from snoring and little sighs when we pick him up. He has gotten along well with our dog of a similar size, but she’s quite independent and doesn’t engage him much.

Every additional day Xavier has been at our house he seems to become more comfortable. He now shows excitement when we return home, has gotten bold enough to sit on our laps, and has started giving kisses when he wants scritches. We’re sure he’ll continue to blossom in a loving home!

We’re delighted to report that Xavier is currently in a loving and caring home!

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