6 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Get out your microscope and set it on WOW, for a mini-mutt this perfect must be fully peeped to be believed. Meet Xanadu, a grab-n-go snack that you can take with you everywhere. Dogs not allowed? Just pop her into that tiny third pocket in your jeans. Now you finally know what that’s for. Fact.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

She is doing great. All medications are almost done and her appetite is back to normal. ( By normal, we mean she LOOOVES food). Her favorite snack food are cheese and watermelon.

Stairs are not a problem for her, just when she is wearing the cone it is hard, without the cone she flies through them.

She is wonderful with kids, she is a great part of the pack and loves to snuggle 24/7.

She is potty trained and will not use a pee pad. She will go outside to bathroom whenever we take her.

She loves walks. We take her three times a day for short walks so that she can go to the bathroom and after a week she can do an additional 45 min walk without a problem.

She is ok with our family dog but she needs more training on handling other dogs, she always growls at them while on walks.

Xanadu is smart and has an amazing personality, happy and loving. She will sit on your lap and stay there for ever. She loves to watch tv and also loves to listen to books been read out loud.

Whoever adopts her will be so lucky since she loves like no other dog we have seen before .

We’re delighted to report that Xanadu is currently in a loving and caring home!

Xanadu Xanadu Xanadu Xanadu Xanadu Xanadu Xanadu Xanadu