19 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Do you enjoy the scruffy mutts? You know the ones with the wiry hair and the waggly tails? Well your going to love this sweet Terrier named Wren! She arrived just in time for the holidays. There’s nothing better then having a perfect medium size Terrier curled up on your lap while you sip on a warm glass of hot cocoa. Wren loves all the pets and attention she can get while she patiently waits for her adopter to come and scoop her up. You bring the mistletoe, she’ll bring all the kisses!

Here are some notes from her foster:

If Wren were a dessert, she’d be a creme brulee. If she were a performer, she’d be Sia. If she was a core memory, she’d be your mother in the front seat as you practice driving for the first time, reassuring you that you’re doing great while simultaneously clutching the above door handle.

Wren gets along with everybody she meets, though a bit shy at the start. She will always accept a good pat, but what she really wants is to constantly give hugs and cuddles to her favorite human. All play sessions inevitably end with her grinning and burying herself in your arms! Her favorite activity is cuddling on the couch. When not cuddling, she can be found staring at you from across the room, always making sure you’re safe.

Some more quick facts:

- Wren is still learning to love the outside, so she’s looking for a patient adopter who can show her the wonders of the world!

- She is OK with stairs and jumping onto couches/beds, but always asks permission before she goes on furniture <3

- She can be a picky eater, but as long as something delicious is mixed in with her food (like her favorite treat, chicken) she’ll eat it up no problem.

- She is working on her housetraining and is so people motivated that I believe she’ll learn quickly.

- She is so quiet, hasn’t made a peep since she arrived!

- When faced with anything she doesn’t like (baths, outside) she will express her disapproval by staying still and staring at you with giant puppy eyes.

We’re delighted to report that Wren is currently in a loving and caring home!

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