Wish Bear

Wish Bear

6 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

You’re ready to dedicate yourself to something new. Something that blends purpose, connection, leaving the house on occasion and a solid amount of silliness. And it can’t be pickleball. Easy! Adopt Wish Bear, a slip of a terrier covered in wisps and scruffs whose idea of a good time is traveling in your armpit or another comfy conveyance to wherever you like to be and chilling; or cuddling and napping at home, preferably on a blankie. Want to go out for an oat milk matcha latte? So does she. What to stay home and watch Hacks? Same. She is 4 pounds of bestie with legs like furry chopsticks and very reasonable expectations. Come and pick her up!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

As we are getting to know Wish Bear I can tell you she is very sweet and cute (cuter in person). From what we have learned so far is – she is timid and probably needs help getting around and going outside. NO stairs is ideal for her and a home with little obstacles would be appreciated. I would think whomever adopts her will have to carry her around and help her, she is believed to be blind or has limited vision. As she is getting used to our home she is venturing out of her bed to explore carefully (due to lack of vision).

She sleeps through the night and loves lots of blankies. If you place her on a pee pad she will use it if needed. Since she is so delicate I think she would like another pet in the home if they were older and not very active like she is. A mature, quiet home is probably her best fit where she can lay around all day next to someone or in their laps. Overall, she is a quiet, low maintenance little girl.

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