33 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Assuming you adopt Wilson (and of course you will, he’s amazing), and assuming you celebrate Halloween (of course you do, it’s fun), we have the perfect Halloween costume suggestion for Wilson: A professor! This gentle fellow is just begging for glasses, a chunky cardigan, a pipe, and a book. Right? But seriously, this boy is DREAMY. He is so mellow and sweet, so infinitely pettable, so deliciously chunkable, you will LOVE having him by your side. He gets along with everyone – adults, children, other dogs, and even pesky cats!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Wilson is doing great he’s been a complete joy to have around the house. This boy is 100% potty trained- he never had a single accident in my house! Wilson seems to have more pep in step since he’s lost a little weight and can now jump on my bed and is more playful!

He is always sucking on a blanket! I know this to be comforting behavior. It’s self soothing and adorable.

He follows me around the house but can handle being apart and just sleeps while I am out of the house.

Honestly, Wilson is one of the chillest , easiest pups I’ve ever met. He’d do amazing with first time dog owners or a senior looking for a chill companion. He doesn’t need much- just a blanket and some cuddles. I just adore this guy and feel lucky I get to spend time with him.

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