14 lbs (small)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

Meet Wiley, the tall Chi-Coyote mix with plenty of energy and a tail that won’t quit. This handsome boy is a happy, gregarious fellow who enjoys long walks, making friends, and exploring the world around him. Wiley firmly believes that the love you make is equal to the love you take, so you can rest assured that your relationship will never be one-sided. Get ready for so much happiness with your new best friend!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Wiley continues to be an awesome dog. We drove down to Mountain Winery today. He didn’t love the car at first, but he then settled down. He was very social at the winery, and the large number of people there didn’t faze him. He even met some little kids with no issues whatsoever.

He has no issues in a crowded/chaotic environment. We took him to a family gathering and despite the chaos, Wiley was super calm. He also got along well with another dog who was there. I think he wants to play with other dogs, but doesn’t know what to do other than sniff them.

He ate all his dinner, explored the apartment, and has mostly been sleeping. He hasn’t had an accidents. He’s a n extremely nice dog. He’s a good walker and good in the elevator. I left the apartment for a few minutes, and he was fine. He’s very quiet. He didn’t even react when I rang the doorbell. He’s a really sweet, mellow fellow.

Wiley Wiley Wiley Wiley Wiley Wiley Wiley Wiley