12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Warren could you be any cuter? Could you nose be any more boopable? We can’t imagine.

This little sweetie loves cuddles and will dance on his hind legs for attention. His fancy footwork is far too cute to resist! Warren still has some spring in his step and can’t wait to be your buddy for walks around the neighborhood, as well as all the snuggles he can get.

He is getting over heartworm but he doesn’t know it, he’s so sweet and loving.

Here’s what his foster has to say:

Where to begin with Warren?! He’s such a sweet boy with puppy like energy, and will forever prance at your feet as you move from room-to-room.

Warren loves being part of the party – whether a party of 1 or 15 -he’s a social dog with both people and fur friends, and a forever loyal buddy. His current heartworm+ doesn’t stop this little explorer from enjoying walks – he’s going to be a BIG walker, maybe even a hiker once fully recovered.

When Warren isn’t exploring the backyard or on short walks, he’s the ultimate companion around the house. He’s great at snoozing on the couch throughout the day to running errands with you. Warren will also take advantage of any opportunity to cuddle as close to you as possible and loves late night couch moments watching TV.

We’re learning our name a little more everyday, and actively practicing ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay.’ He’s a natural dancer on his two hind legs too – especially when there’s a dog treat involved! We’ve

had limited accidents in the house – after he knows his new routine, he is a house-trained dog.

Warren’s excited to complete someone or a family’s life – he’s ready to share his love and bring many smiles to your day!

We’re delighted to report that Warren is currently in a loving and caring home!

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