Schnauzer, Miniature/Mix
18 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Look at that perfectly scruffy face! Isn’t he a picture perfect Walter?

This handsome gent is well mannered and polite, with people and other dogs. He was even polite when getting a bath! Such a good boy! Walter enjoys getting skritches and pets, as well as relaxing on a couch or cozy bed. He’ll be the perfect partner for you neighborhood strolls and lazy days at home.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Walter is a straight-up Very Good Dog and classic mutt: bright-eyed and (not quite) bushy-tailed, raffishly scruffy, friendly and polite. Walter is an enthusiastic eater, a willing walker, an

avid sniffer and solid sleeper. He makes good eye contact, he’s generally quiet, although he will send up some signal barks if you’re out of sight, and he’s house-trained.

Walter has been with me less than a week but his sweet nature has charmed our household and everyone else who meets him. Walter is an easy going dog. He’s happy to go on walks, but

equally content napping or hanging in a big dog bed chewing on a bully stick. He just wants to be close to his peeps. He’s good in the car, he does his business reliably, and can handle stairs.

Walter is about to start a new medication for a hypothyroid condition, so he may gain a little energy once that kicks in, but I doubt it will change his essential nature. Whoever adopts Walter is getting a prize!

We’re delighted to report that Walter is currently in a loving and caring home!

Walter Walter Walter Walter Walter Walter Walter Walter

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