9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

*WAIT LIST – This boy has a lot of admirers already, so we’re afraid potential adopters will need to stand in line, but he’s not adopted yet! So please do apply.

Looking for a marshmallow sweet companion? Wallie floated into Muttville on a cloud of white fluffy Maltese sweetness!

Wallie makes friends everywhere he goes with his darling face and friendly nature. Who wouldn’t want to be his buddy? We’re thrilled to be his pal. Once he meets you, Wallie will be your BFF!

Here’s what his foster has to say!

Wallie is a very sweet and mellow boy. He has adjusted easily to our routine and our resident dog. He’s friendly with people and other dogs we meet out and about while walking. He likes to take walks and explore our neighborhood.

So far, he’s been quiet and doesn’t bark at home even when we’re not here. While we’ve been out, our neighbors said there was a little barking but not loud and not long.

He loves belly rubs and cuddling on the couch. He sleeps with us at night and rarely moves.

He’s easy to pill and likes cream cheese. He’s a good eater and there’s been no food or water drama with our dog.

He’s just an all-around sweet boy!!!

We’re delighted to report that Wallie is currently in a loving and caring home!

Wallie Wallie Wallie Wallie Wallie Wallie

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