Spaniel Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Wall-E is an adorable and sweet Spaniel mix who was originally picked up as a stray in Martinez.

When we heard his story and saw his photo we knew we wanted to rescue him and help him find his forever home. Despite being blind and covered in dread-locks, Wall-E made himself at home here at Muttville. After exploring his surroundings and meeting all the other dogs, he went straight to a cozy bed to relax and take in the sounds and smells. This darling boy is very gentle, sweet, and loving. We are still getting to know him, but know he’s the perfect Muttville dog!

Wall-E is 9 years young and weighs 18 pounds.

Here’s what Wally’s foster has to say about this cute boy:

“Wall-E is as sweet as can be. He’s quiet and laid back, especially given that he can’t see. He’s already comfortable in our yard after only a day and is house-trained. His progress in the first five days has been INSANE! This morning he went up our front steps of his own volition, without ANY assistance. Leaps and bounds from day 1 when he wouldn’t take a step indoors OR outdoors. He’s already a totally functional part of our pack and actually plays hide and seek (mostly seek!) with our cat. Amazing boy.”

Wall-E has an incredibly sweet disposition & a mellow vibe. He is friendly with people, dogs of all sorts & even our mischievous cat. Wall-E has quickly come out of his shell & we are seeing signs of a truly adventurous spirit!Wall-E is the best of both worlds: he is calm & quiet in the house, but nonetheless engaged & attentive. Outside he likes to explore, but he takes things at a comfortable pace. He really, REALLY likes other dogs, whether old friends or new ones! When he hears the jangle of dog tags, his tail starts to wag. He is friendly with our cat & our cat is unusually friendly with him! It must be Wall-E ‘s calming influence. Because Wall-E is blind, he approaches the world a little differently, and he can react to new situations with some initial fear. But in the short time he has been with us, we already have seen him work through a number of those fears & his confidence is growing by leaps & bounds. Wall-E is also fully house-trained. It’s hard to choose which cute thing to mention – he likes to curl up underneath one of our chairs, to have a canopy overhead & a human nearby. He enjoys ear & belly rubs & really any sort of attention. Wall-E is also a good traveling companion! He rides the BART and the bus in his carrier!

Watch Wall-E and hear about him from his foster mom!
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