Lhasa Apso
20 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Just returned from an Alaskan fishing boat where he spent his summer working as a deck hand. He was constantly sea sick and unsteady on his feet. He couldn’t wait to get back to California. Even though the money was good his senior body just couldn’t take the weather and rough waters. He returned to San Francisco shortly after his commitment looking straight like a mountain man that has lived in in the wilderness for at least a decade. Hair to the floor and covered in salt from the ocean, Waldorf went to Studio Cindy for a glow up. He left the salon looking as handsome as ever. His white fluffy coat got a blow out and his fresh cut was high end. He shortly found a job working as a Butler for a famous celebrity. Waldorf has come up a long way from his days of being out to sea. He enjoys the life of hospitality and catering to others. All he needs is someone to cater to him for once.

Here’s some notes from his foster :

Waldorf (Wally) is a sweet and calm little guy with a puppy face. He’s extremely quiet, too…we still haven’t heard him bark. The only noise he’s made has been an occasional cute snore when he’s in a deep snooze. He goes with the flow, whether it’s a snuggle with his humans on the couch, a trip outside, walking around the rooms on his own, or taking a nice nap.

He’s kind of blind, and 100% adorable. Muttville told us, “he just kind of bops around!” and that’s exactly what he does. He explores his surroundings by booping into things with his nose. He is independent and gets comfortable with his surroundings. He can follow your voice or other sounds if you want him to come to you.

Sure, he’s a little chonky and wobbly. Sure, he sometimes surprises himself with his own wagging tail touching him. He’s working on it! It all adds to this funny boy’s charm.

He seems potty trained and does his business outside in the grass or bushes. There were a couple tinkle accidents inside but they were on or near the pee pads that were out.

Going on walks is slow, but fun. He doesn’t go very far- he prefers to mostly sniff around in the greenery. He plops down on the sidewalk if he feels like enjoying the sun rays. You can easily pick him up to avoid tumbles on uneven ground.

He’s been totally fine around people and dogs.

We’re delighted to report that Waldorf is currently in a loving and caring home!

Meet Wally Walforf!
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