16 lbs (small)
Est. age: 9 yrs
Status: Available

The color violet is often associated with energy and mindfulness. Violet also represents the future, imagination, and dreams. This little Violet only has good energy. She is a social butterfly with heart filled eyes that look at you like you are the only soul in the world. She is an extrovert; she says hello to everyone in the room taking her time as she waddles around with a smile on her face! It almost feels to her like it’s her responsibility to greet everyone. For 9 years she has been making people smile while wagging her voluptuous bod and tail. She would love to find a home where she could give her love to one person, a couple, or even a family. If you are looking for a mutt with a warm personality and a sweet disposition, Violet is the one for you!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Violet is becoming more like herself. She has a great walking pace and stamina. She is potty trained. Her energy level matches the room. She gets very interested in household activities, but she easily finds her way back to bed while we’re working from home.

She is comfortable sleeping in a dog bed on the floor next to our bed. She does not beg to get onto our bed, but simply falls right asleep in hers. She sleeps so soundly that we often have to wake her up in the morning or wake her from naps when it’s time for walks.


Taking medication was never a problem, as she gobbles up her food, and pills are easily hidden in soft food. Which is what she eats, soft foods, and soft treats! She does just fine when left alone. No crying, no whining or barking, and within 5-10 minutes she goes to sleep until we get home.

She behaves well on the leash. She is friendly toward other dogs and humans and gentle with small children. Does not seem affected by loud noises. She is calm during car rides. She can easily manage to go up and down a couple of shallow stairs or a curb, but she needs some support going up a full flight. She is hesitant to go down so we’ve been carrying her.

She continues to be a dream! She is gentle and affectionate, and she is becoming more confident and independent in our home life and routine every day.

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