Retriever, Black Labrador/Mix
79 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

One of the funnest parts of getting to know new senior dogs is discovering they they have advanced degrees in TRICKS! Vienna is a gorgeous, sweet sandbag of snuggles – that is obvious – but guess what?? She also happens to be brilliant. She can sit, lie down, high-five with either paw, and much more. You can see the flame of intelligence in those beautiful, caramel eyes. Who is ready to find out just how smart she is?

Here’s some notes from her foster :

Vienna is a very sweet mix mutt with very soulful eyes. Don’t let that fool you though! She’s got a playful streak in her and will play with her squeaky toys or chase a tennis ball around if you play fetch with her. She has a sweet demeanor and learns well with treats and encouraging pets. She is fully housetrained and will also come alert you if she needs to go out. She is very tolerant of new situations and does not bark or get too loud. She does, however, take offense if the dogs at the park do not come over to say a proper Hello and will whine in their direction, bringing them all to heel and pay homage to this great lady. She will then shower them with licks and affection. She walks well on a leash and is always game for slow-paced walks around the neighborhood. She will be an excellent companion for any home as long as she gets a walk and/or playtime, a little downtime by herself to snooze in peace and regular loving and petting.

We’re delighted to report that Vienna is currently in a loving and caring home!

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