Shepherd/Shepherd, Australian
44 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Warning: don’t look into this goddess of beauty’s eyeballs unless you’re prepared to fall in love. Venus has perfected the sweet, puppy-dog hypnosis that forces you into giving pets. This sweet girl is so eager to love, and what she loves most is people, treats, and, most of all, scritches.

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Here’s some notes from her foster:

Venus is an affectionate gal, she loves any and all pets she can get. She loves to get outside for her daily walkies, and she even gets excited when it’s time to come home. Her favorite time of the day is meal and treat time! After her breakfast she loves doing her zoomies in the backyard. After a few circles and figure eights in the yard, it’s usually time to find a nice soft bed and ask for some snuggles.

Venus is a sensitive dog. She is still getting used to the fast paced city life. She’s not a fan of overly busy/noisy environments and she kindly says no thank you to the dog park!

She loves being outside in the backyard, and will take herself out to pee given the chance. She has had no accidents in the house. She seems like she will learn to use the dog door pretty easily.

She would like another dog in the house to play with. She keeps trying to initiate play with one of my dogs but he refuses. She ignored my cat for three days, then growled at the cat last night several times. So, probably a home without cats would be best. Venus knows “no” and is very obedient and smart. She wants to please!

She eats heartily but will leave her bowl if disturbed by you coming towards her or unexpected noise. She takes treats with a gentle mouth. She is very polite in the house, and won’t even try to get on furniture or beds. I think she might like a crate since she will sometimes go sleep in the fireplace.

Overall, she’s a great dog! I would consider adopting her if my dogs (a bonded pair of smalls) were nicer to her.

Overall, she’s an easy and very chill dog!

We’re delighted to report that Venus is currently in a loving and caring home!

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