Spaniel, American Cocker
30 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Umami is just an extra sweet pup that is SO READY to be your best friend. This happy girl LOVES people, and she’s ready for any adventure as long as you’re coming. But first, a puppuccino please!

Here’s a note from her foster:

My wife and I have been fostering Umami for a few days now. Here are some notes from caring for her:

Personality: Umami is an absolute sweetheart. She is always happy and a little spunky. She loves hanging out with us while we work and getting as comfy as she can in her dog bed.

Appetite: Umami has a very healthy appetite. She always finishes her food. She also loves treats. We’ve been putting her meds in a little peanut butter, she is a fan of that.

Walks: We have been taking Umami on a couple of short walks per day. The longest has been about 3/4 of a mile. She loves walks and gets very excited to go. I am not sure if she was ever trained on a leash, but nevertheless she is still very easy to walk because she is gentle and only moves so fast. She loves to sniff and do her business. She moves pretty well too, I think she could go longer but we don’t want to push it. Sometimes she has trouble going down stairs, I think because she has trouble seeing.

House training: Umami seems housebroken. Whenever we put her in our yard she does her business. Other than one time the first day she has always done her business in our yard or on walks.

Interaction with people: When we’ve taken her on walks, Umami loves everyone who wants to give her attention. She stole the show when we walked into the local pet store, everyone wanted to give her pets and she gladly accepted. She was a little more skittish when I took her to my golf club to hang out. I think she might have just been overwhelmed. Some people she was happy to get attention from, but sometimes she acted a little scared or protective of me.

Interaction with other dogs: Umami seems fine with other dogs. When we have passed other dogs on walks, she usually ignores them. But sometimes she wants to give them a quick sniff, and sometimes they want to give her a sniff. There has never been any growling or tension from her or the other dogs.

We’re delighted to report that Umami is currently in a loving and caring home!

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