Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix
62 lbs (large)
Est. age: 15 yrs
Status: Available for hospice adoption

How to Adopt

Uli is a dashing silver fox with an award winning tail wag. Uli touts two Pupcademy Pawards, a Waggie, and a nomination for the Golden Tail Award. This seal/pitty mix also holds the world record for most tail wags ever. You should feel honored to be in the presence of such greatness.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Uli is the biggest lover of them all. Although he may be a little slower getting around, that surely won’t stop him from trying to crawl in your lap. His perfect day consists of napping next to you, then going on a long and very slow sniffing walk.

If you’re feeling extra strong, Uli would LOVE to be picked up to snuggle in bed next to you. His hind end has to work extra hard these days, so jumping onto things isn’t his strong suit. Once he’s comfy, he may need a little extra encouragement to leave the bed, but he’s never said no to a treat.

Making friends is one of Uli’s favorite things! Although he is an absolutely perfect walker and does an excellent job of remaining neutral, nothing makes him happier than giving him the go ahead to make new human or doggy friends. He isn’t too into playing much anymore, but he loves to greet his new friends and will easily become the neighborhood heartthrob.

He would hate me tattling on him, but he is still working on always going potty outside. Uli has lived a long life, with probably a lot of it being outside. He always goes potty on his walks, but sometimes forgets that he can’t go potty inside, too! He’s getting MUCH better about this and rarely has accidents now, but it’s something that his future guardian will have to continue working with him on.

Ultimately, Uli is the sweetest and gentlest teddy bear around. I would trust him around absolutely anyone and anything, from toddlers to puppies. He is always looking to win your heart over, and he’s waiting for his perfect person who will love him so much that his giant heart will finally be full.

Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli Uli

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