12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet Tuppance, the epitome of sweetness and mellow vibes! This lovely lady is as nice as they come, spreading warmth and joy wherever she goes. With her gentle demeanor, Tuppance is a pro at making friends with other dogs, embodying the true spirit of canine companionship.

She’s the kind of dog you’d want to curl up next to on a lazy Sunday afternoon, basking in her calming presence. Tuppance’s soft eyes and wagging tail speak volumes about her friendly nature and affectionate heart. She’s not just sweet; she’s the ultimate cuddle buddy and loyal companion.

Looking for a furry friend who radiates kindness and mellow energy? Adopt Tuppance, and let her gentle spirit bring peace and happiness into your home!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Tuppence is a spunky gal who loves short walks and other adventures, but can quickly transition to lazy naps when it’s down time (amazing she can sleep through her snores!). She can handle the full flight of stairs to get in and out of our house and sometimes breaks into her playful mode when she’ll do strange things – like play with your shoe (while on your foot!) or lick you intently because she loves you so much and has energy to burn. Those moments are quickly followed by another long nap.

She gets along with other dogs, but would probably do best either as a solo dog or paired with other dogs who accepts her as the boss. She barks a bit at our active cat because she won’t accept Tuppence as her boss, so she might do best with mellow cats who keep to themselves. Tuppence wouldn’t hurt the cat and settles down when reminded to do so.

Tuppence sleeps through the night in her dog bed and is definitely house trained, with an impressively strong bladder. She is a social gal and prefers to be near her people when they are home, but doesn’t need to be held by them. She’d be a great match with someone who wants a dog who will be their bestie!

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