9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Troy is a sweet old chap with the heart of a puppy. Just put on his leash and watch him go!

Troy loves to bop around, exploring, sniffing and enjoying the world. When he’s having an especially good time he’ll let out a bark of joy. Troy has impaired vision, but that doesn’t dampen his happiness. He’s also very soft, cute and easy to handle. Troy will bring some joie de vivre to your family!

*Here’s a note from his foster:

Troy is a puppy at heart! His delightful, playful nature shines through in-between his naps. He’s happy to follow you around the house and be by your side when you’re relaxing. Additionally, he is one smart cookie! He was quick to pick-up potty training and the general schedule of the house. He shows great enthusiasm when associating training with beef treats, which are his favorite.

This boy is up for it all! He enjoys his walks as much as he enjoys lounging around the house. Although he very much enjoys company, he has shown no signs of separation anxiety and is perfectly happy to nap while you’re out of the house.

We’re delighted to report that Troy is currently in a loving and caring home!

Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy

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