7 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Miss triss is still thriving, and her sweet personality is becoming more apparent by the minute. She still loves cuddles, and is adding a ton of kisses to her affection. While she still prefers to be in my lap, I had her sit on the couch during a meeting and she did perfectly fine. Her eyes were locked on me but she eventually took a little nap. She does enjoy keeping her eyes on me!

She is showing off more of her playful side. She likes to play a version of patty cake with her paws where she lies on her belly and slides them back and forth and I try to catch them! She also likes to lie on her side and move her front paws up and down and looks exactly like a miniature kangaroo. She is SO CUTE!

I put her on oreo’s grass pad and she went potty. I think she could be easily trained to go on a grass pad. Great thing for a potential family in an apartment with a patio.

Still gets a little nervous when I am on meetings and she hears new voices. Barking a little when she hears noises at the door, but it’s really not bad at all.

She is getting better about sharing attention with Oreo! I was able to give him some solo pets earlier on the bed when she was on the bed too, and while she stared intently waiting for her turn, she didn’t interrupt. She even entered the cabana with him! Unsure if her intention was to snuggle with him because Oreo immediately got out.

This little girl is such a love, her forever family will be so lucky. I hope that potential adopters don’t pass her over since she is so shy at first, because if you give her a chance she is such a playful companion.

Here’s an even more recent update from her foster:

Still the biggest snuggle bug sun bum. She has tried cuddling with her foster brother a few times, but he wants nothing to do with it, so she spends the majority of time giving me her love.

- She gets excited to go on walks with her foster brother. She walked .7 miles to the park and had energy to spare before she snuggled in a blanket for a snoozy sun nap.

- Stairs are hit or miss. She did climb them once and went back to refusing. Luckily she’s fine just being picked up and set down after stairs

- Potty trained, but does need someone who can be on her schedule and learn her routine/signs, She is fine holding it through the night!

- Loves belly rubs, and plays lots of games with her paws when your giving her belly rubs

- At the park, it took her about 30 minutes to warm up to my friend. So still pretty shy, but such a sweetheart once she is warmed up. She is getting better about new voices and noises, and not getting as nervous as fast.

Summed up- Still the biggest snuggly sweetheart indoors, with lots of energy to spare outdoors! Such a perfect little pint sized princess

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