Tom Yum

Tom Yum

Terrier, Parson Jack Russell
15 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

Just like his namesake, this older gentleman will soothe your soul on the coldest of days.

Tom Yum is a handsome boy who doesn’t let his age slow him down. His favorite days are those where he can burrow under a blanket, lend you a listening ear when you’re having a rough day, then vacuum up any little scraps that "fell off the counter during dinner prep. Tom Yum is an easy going little man who will show you his immense gratitude with tons of kisses and snuggles.

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Tom Yum is living life to the fullest in our Hospice Program, under which one of our special hospice families has provided him with a loving home and the very best possible end-of-life care. Please wish Tom Yum well!

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Tom Yum Tom Yum Tom Yum