10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

If you’re looking for Tippy, you can find her chasing the sun. This petite chihuahua is golden, and we’re not just talking about her sun-loving character, but her age, sunny disposition, and color are all golden. Tippy is happy, lovely, and chill, giving cool summer girl energy. She has adorable white paws and big, expressive eyes. She is everybody’s friend (gets along very well with dogs and humans) and loves being cozy and warm with no preference on whether that comes from sunbathing or cuddling up with you. Come get to know Muttville’s coolest golden girl!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

I have fostered Ms. Tippy for 3 days. She was a little shy at first but is warming up.

She eats well and accepts her medications. She sleeps right next to my head on a pillow and snores/snorts in the most adorable way. Otherwise, I have not heard her vocalize. She is not a fan of stairs and I am on the second floor of a Victorian, so I have 3 flights. My front stairs are wood and she will cooperate if you go slow. My back stairs are made of metal and she did not like those at all. I carried her down to the yard to do her business.

She enjoys the slow life and she takes her time to get moving. She is really a lovely little girl.

Tippy Tippy Tippy