9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Can you say Disney fanatic? Well we sure know Tippi can and is absolutely obsessed with anything Disney. He just recently got back from Anaheim where he spent 5 glorious days at the happiest place on earth. Of course he rode It’s A Small World 10 times in a row because it reminds him of his puppy-hood. The staff at the park all know him on a first name basis and greet him in the morning with a refreshing Dole Pineapple Whip and a Churro. On the house of course! Tippi has always been obsessed with animation and will gladly draw your caricature for fun. He is spunky and extremely friendly with everyone. He is really just a big kid at heart in a fluffy Pom little body. His motto is, "never grow up! " Which is a great motto to live by, as long as he continues to make his bed in the morning!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

“Tippi aka Prince Tippi aka Tippi the Escape Artist, is one of the sweetest, calmest fluff ball disguised as a Pomeranian that ever existed.

He has high standards for his meals so is a finicky eater (enjoys beef meals the most) but is not above sidling up to every human with potential yummy food in their hands. Nor is he above making cute humming noises behind you in the kitchen while you’re preparing food.

When he is not in search of high cuisine, he spends his days roaming his domain to practice his life passion of becoming the next Houdini. Every doorway inside the house has been thoroughly investigated but must be rechecked everyday nonetheless. The side gates in the backyard are also excellent training opportunities for our escapist. So far, he has defeated many baby gates inside the house. But all this is just an expression of his free spirit as Tippi loves walks and romping through the grass where he daydreams of being a tiny lion in the grasslands.

Despite his royal lineage, Prince Tippi absolutely loves all his human subjects. Each one is greeted with a bushy tail wag and licks of approval. Bonus points if they offer belly rubs. Provide the requisite number of pets + belly rubs and you will find yourself with a new Pom-shaped shadow. Silky sofa armrest while watching TV? Check. Small cuddle pillow in bed? Check. Partial leg warmer while you’re sitting at the table working? Check.

He remains his usual serene and regal self when meeting other doggy friends. While can be seen by some as being aloof, he is merely a bit timid and prefers lower energy dogs to ease him into the new friendships. Prince Tippi rarely raises his voice to anything.

In addition to his many talents, Tippi recently discovered stairs and is now a stairsmaster – carpeted is best. He also discovered crates and is now comfortable sleeping inside one for a few hours at a time, provided that it has been transformed into the softest princely bed…and with the door opened of course.

He would do best in a forever home with human subject(s) who can be available for most of the day to tend to his needs of being loved and pampered. And to cater to his discriminating appetite. And also to keep an eye out for those exits and entrances in case Tippi the Escape Artist finally masters his craft."

We’re delighted to report that Tippi is currently in a loving and caring home!

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