14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Sweet Timmy is a humble terrier with all the right scruff. A seemingly mild-mannered gent in tan fluff and caramel leggings, his momentary shyness gives way to genuine affection with a few well-placed pets and scritches. And there’s more! He’s an agile guy who likes walkies, including a contemplative stroll in the woods, and he can take stairs like a boss. Likes other dogs too. Fun fact: Timmy LOVES squeaky toys. Not as much as he will love you, of course, but close, especially if you give him squeaky toys.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Timmy is an energetic, affectionate companion with a distinct fondness for squeaky toys and playing fetch with any kind of ball. He’s also happy to nap on your lap and has been known to borrow under the covers when invited. His appetite is healthy, but he’s not especially food motivated. He’s most interested in connecting with you, checking in to make sure he’s doing all right, and coming along for the ride. He’s happy to meet new friends, both canine and human, and can take a mile long walk on a leash with no problem.

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